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Making corner kitchen cabinets accessible for every day items

When organizing your kitchen, you often don't want to put items into the rear of corner cabinets because of the difficulty you will have in retrieving the item later. Or alternatively, you either don't use the space at all or you place rarely used items in there that perhaps should be stored elsewhere

The solution is to install a Lazy Susan. Lazy Susans are inexpensive, relatively easy to install and simple to use.

You simply open the cabinet door, spin the shelf around so that the item at the back is now at the front and remove it. In order to close the cupboard door, you then spin the Lazy Susan back so that the 'pie slice' is back at the front.

To install it yourself you'll need a drill. If you're nervous you can search You Tube for videos showing the installation process. Alternatively, call your local handyman. It will only take him minutes to install.

Are you in Houston and in need of a professional home organizer to help you declutter your kitchen? Feel free to contact me.

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