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How to store your grocery bags without increasing clutter

Plastic bags from the grocery store are handy items to keep in your kitchen and a great way to get a second use out of them. Whether it’s as a small bin liner or for taking when you walk your dog so that you can clean up after him.

The problem is they typically end up thrown either under the kitchen sink or squashed in a draw. This adds to your clutter and takes up far more space than a collection of bags should. Sure, you can stuff them all into one bag, but that isn’t particularly elegant nor pretty.

The solution is a Grocery Bag Dispenser. This model from simplehuman can be easily mounted using adhesive strips onto the insider of a cupboard or pantry door. This means that even renters can add this to their kitchen without having to worry about mounting something with screws into your landlords cupboard. If you own your house, you can alternatively use the included screws.

You should note that numerous people have reported that the strips included aren't particularly effective. I would recommend you use Command Picture Hanging Strips to mount them. The Command strips are reliable and easily removed later without leaving a mark.

This solution is inexpensive and a great way to keep bags around without taking up a bunch of space in your pantry.

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