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Make your wardrobe tidy the easy way: Standardize your hangers and choose quality

Humans like order and patterns. You wouldn't design your house with randomly changing walls, you design it with straight, single color walls. So why is it that almost all of us have randomly colored and shaped clothes hangers?

Take a look in your wardrobe and most of you will see what I mean. Random white plastic hangers, maybe some wooden ones, and the odd few colored ones, be they pink, brown, black.

A very simple way to make your wardrobe look less cluttered is to pick a single style of hanger and use them. You have to look in your wardrobe daily, and probably dread the thought of a friend or family member seeing in there. Get rid of the stress and spend a little bit on hangers. You'll make your wardrobe look classy.

I love wooden hangers, they aren't particularly expensive and they look nice. One great example is these classy looking Mahogany and Chrome hangers.

The notches make them perfect for hanging dresses, and the bar (which opens and closes) ensures that suit pants won't fall on the floor.

If you don't like that particular style, follow the link and look at the similar items. You'll find something you like.

If you need help from a home organizer to organize your closet, head on over to Zensational Organizing. We're located right here in Houston, Texas.

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