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Keep Your Pots And Pans Tidy The Easy Way

I've found that pots, pans, baking trays can be one of the most difficult items to store neatly in your kitchen. Their irregular shape really makes it difficult to store them in your cabinets, and you certainly wouldn't store them on your countertop without a storage solution.

The largest problem with pots and pans is that their non-uniform shape and size, including where pots and pans have a handle, means they can't be easily stacked like other kitchen items. You can neatly stack plates and bowls but not pots, pans, and baking trays.

You have probably spent years having a messy under the counter cabinet that has these items everywhere. They are difficult to find and hard to remove from there because they usually have other items on top of them or even in them. Unlike a stack of plates, it doesn't matter if you pull the third plate from the bottom or pull the top plate, however with pots and pans you typically are selecting an exact plate.

So what do I recommend as a professional home organizer? A Pot Organizer. Pot Organizers are wonderful at storing your pots and pans in a manner that makes them accessible and keeps them organized. It is a file holder for your pots and pans! You won't have that feeling of clutter when you open your under the counter cabinet.

One aesthetic advantage of this system is that if you have a uniform set of great looking pots or pans, you can present them on your countertop. I do caution you to consider the amount of countertop space you have, as if that space is limited, it may look great but it will still give the visual look of too much "stuff" on your countertops. The more clear your countertop is, the better. That principle is fine so long as your cabinets are not a disaster.

The great thing about this unit is that you can adjust its length between 12.3” and 23” inches. In addition, the 8 dividers are adjustable, meaning that you won't get it home and find that your largest pot won't fit.

The 8 dividers are coated in rubber to ensure that your pots and pans aren't scratched.

This is an inexpensive solution to a common problem, so give it a try!

If you're in the Houston area and want some help from a professional home organizer, to help with your kitchen, drop me a line. I will help you get your Zen back!

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