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Garage Organizing Product Review: FLEXIMOUNT Wall Shelf Storage Rack

One of the most disorganized places in any home is often the garage. It becomes a dumping ground for anything and everything from boxes to timber. If you're going to use your garage as a storage space, why not make it easy to reclaim your garage by going vertical! One solution is the FLEXIMOUNTS 2-Pack 2x6ft 24-inch-by-72-inch Wall Shelf Garage Storage Rack Floating Shelves which comes in black or white.

Each shelf stores up to 200 pounds worth of stuff, ensuring that you won't accidentally overload it and have it rip off your wall. The installation is very simple with the shelf coming with an ingenious template that incorporates a spirit level.

Picture of Installation Template
Installation Template

The shelf can be installed in a concrete wall or a wall with wooden studs. Unfortunately, this shelving system cannot be used with metal studs. The installation template is made to support stud spacings of 16, 18 or 24 inches. I would recommend using a Stud Finder first to ensure your garage has the right stud spacing.

To install, simply find where the studs are located, marking them with a line. Then use the installation template to mark where to drill your holes. When you see the size of the bolts on each brace, you'll understand how it can hold 200 pounds. You then attached each brace and place the shelf on top and fit the velco strip which is designed to ensure the shelf doesn't slide around.


  • Impressive weight holding ability

  • Installation template has a spirit level incorporated

  • Easy installation

The shelves can also be installed next to each other giving you a 12' long shelf. Don't forget that with some hooks you can hang things like bicycles from them.

Why not reclaim your car parking space in your garage by getting a few of these wall storage racks.

Need help organizing your garage in Houston? Contact a local home organizer.

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