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Clear some counter space with a StoveShelf

One of the most common problems with kitchen organizing is a lack of counter top space. One way is to use non-traditional storage surfaces. Ever considered using the top of your stove for storage?

One elegant way to do that is with the StoveShelf. It's a magnetized shelf that sits nicely on top of your stove. That means you don't need a handyman and only takes seconds to install.

Consider getting rid of your traditional counter top spice rack and placing your spices on the StoveShelf. I can't see your kitchen, but take a look around and see what you else you could move to your new stove top shelf. Alternatively, consider whether you want to create more kitchen cabinet space by moving some nice looking items onto the shelf.

The StoveShelf comes in white, black and stainless steel and can be purchased online at Amazon.

Need a professional home organizer? Follow the link to my website.

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