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Home Organizing – Don’t place mail on the bench

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Let’s be honest; most of us do this. You go to the mailbox, open letters, and place the contents on a surface such as your dining table, kitchen bench, coffee table, or lampstand. Why? We are procrastinating.

In another post, we talked about time management and the use of the PREP acronym. Ordinary mail is no different to e-mail. When you receive a piece of mail via the US Postal service, apply PREP.

Produce – If the letter requires you to take action, what is stopping you from doing it right now? Pay that bill. Call the doctor. Throw the letter out. Don’t just place it on a bench

Reject – If it’s spam or something you aren’t interested in, put it in the trash.

Entrust – If this mail requires someone else to do something, put it in a specified place for them.

Plan – If it’s something you really need to action later, have a dedicated place, you place the mail. You should have a filing system that allows you to reference it in your electronic reminder for later. Placing it on a kitchen bench is not a filing system!

Already have a backlog of mail and need help? Consider hiring a professional home or office organizer here in Houston who can work with you to get organized again.

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