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Countdown to Thanksgiving Day!

It's T for Turkey minus 7 days and counting until friends and family gather for the annual feast following Macy's nationally televised parade with the Rockettes and H-E-B's big parade in downtown Houston! Do the tasks that are still yet to be completed seem daunting? Break it down and tackle the absolute must do's first.

What's on your Thanksgiving countdown list? With a little help from my friend Michelle Leigh Smith, I am sharing my countdown list that will help you have an organized Thanksgiving Day!

Remember to reach out to me, if you need a professional organizer to assist you with organizing your upcoming holiday celebrations.


Check off all rsvp's from your guests list. Set expectations.

Plan the tablescape. Are the tablecloth and napkins you want for background for your good dishes clean and pressed?

Plan your party supplies and tableware.

Wash and dry your plates, glassware and serving dishes and select the festive napkin rings for your place settings.

Also plan for the contingency of unexpected extra plus-ones who may join at the last minute.

Tomorrow and over the weekend

Plan your grocery shopping list.

Buy all non-perishable items, beverages and stock in pantry or wine cellar.

Set up the kids table and plan any separate menu items for them. There's always Mayflower Mix, with filled chocolate-dipped waffle cones brimming trail mix to give little ones a fun snack before the big feast. If you want to include arts and crafts, consider having them create their own colorful placemats and plan activities, like a scavenger hunt with a secret turkey under one of the chairs.

Make arrangements for pets if some of guests have allergies.

Consider the pre-meal prayer and plan.

Thanksgiving Monday

Place turkey in refrigerator to thaw.

Thanksgiving Tuesday

Make dessert.

Store any small appliances to make optimal use of counterspace in kitchen.

Plan background music for the big day.

Clean, dust and vacuum your house.

Plan what you'll wear the day of Thanksgiving and the next morning.

Thanksgiving Wednesday

Prepare appetizers.

Set table and arrange chairs in dining room.

Light candles or use room spray so that your spaces are pleasantly fragrant.

Pull out the board games, dominos and cards for extra activities for guests.

Thanksgiving Morning

Preheat oven, prep turkey and place in oven.

Prepare potatoes, stuffing, vegetable dishes.

Serve with joy.

Delegate clean-up duties. Breathe!

Have a Zensational Thanksgiving Day!

Wishing you and yours a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving Day!

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